Magnetic/Biomagnetic Therapy can Help with Arthritis

Conditions: arthritis

Magnetic/Biomagnetic Therapy is one of the most renowned modality for treatment of arthritis. This specific therapy which makes use of magnets for relieving the patients from prevailing disorders is a somewhat different projection of alternate medication.

The history of magnet usage for treatment traces back to millions of years when the Greek physicians consumed magnet rings for healing. This practice had then been carried further throughout the middle ages and first gained popularity during the war time. The only difference however was that Magnetic/Biomagnetic Therapy, which was meant to treat arthritis primarily was then applied to cure countless other diseases, for instance; hair loss and other health concerns. In fact, ailments like paralysis, insomnia, liver diseases and even chronic pain were aided through Magnetic/Biomagnetic Therapy during World War I, but not much extensive study has been carried out regarding this therapy after that. Some of modern medical institutions also, did not pay attention to alternate treatment methods and failed to attest the fact that this methodology actually projects objective results. Interestingly, the Magnetic/Biomagnetic Therapy has managed to survive all the critics and is still being followed by many, for relief from various disorders.

Countless theories regarding the wonders of Magnetic/Biomagnetic Therapy have been worked out and researchers in the field after all the study that has been carried out, believe this therapy to be a helping hand in changing the function of the cells in the human body. The magnets used in this treatment are kept close to the body or skin in particular. Experts believe that these magnets contain the capability to create a balancing effect. This is also why they are usually incorporated in general healthcare products too.

Taking into account the authorities, it has not been long since researchers found out about the strength of the magnetic field. It was in 2004 that experiments involving magnetic and non magnetic ware were actually made public. This was probably the first time Magnetic/Biomagnetic Therapy had also been understood to a deeper extent. One of the most important features of this latest study was that it had been carried out on the patients who suffered from arthritis. Making use of the magnets was then analyzed while providing every individual with something which constituted magnet. This typical practice was named placebo or the placebo effect. The point which was focused upon and what remained to be of immense importance was, the kind of results all those studies disclosed. Primarily, the people with arthritis complaint reported of feeling better after the use of magnets and second, they claimed that the recovery was there for sure but it took a relatively longer period to signify considerable results.

Nonetheless, the Magnetic/Biomagnetic Therapy suggests patients with arthritis to use the magnets according to their doctor’s advice; specifically if they are taking any continuous medication for a major disorder. The practitioners in the field and even the researchers also believe that this therapy should not be used as an alternate to traditional methods of treatment and if it is, the patient must inform his doctor about the alternate modality type he has been using.