Pathogens appear when there are fundamental distortions in the pH level. A body that is too acidic (hyper acidity / low pH) is prone to viral and fungal infection and degenerative processes. A body that is too alkaline (hyper-alkalinity / high pH) is subject to inflammation, swelling, pain, and bacterial and parasitic infections. Taking the understanding of pH in the body a step further, we can see that the process of pH imbalance begins at the cellular level with the exchange of ions through the membrane. This bioelectric act occurs in all the cells of the body. If we take a blood sample, eliminate the fluid until we have only the red blood cells left and then apply a magnet, we can see in the microscope how the cells turn and point in one direction – the magnet polarizes the cell’s ions.

In other words, if we correct the ionic alteration through the use of magnets with a minimum of 1,000 gauss, specially placed on the body through biomagnetic therapy the local pH may be neutralized, changing the environment from a pathogen friendly one to one it cannot survive in. In this manner, biomagnetic therapy is considered an excellent therapy in effectively restoring the biological terrain (internal milieu), a tenant of European biological medicine, and aiding in the neutralization and elimination of viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic infections that are often thought as initiating factors in many modern diseases and conditions.

The location and placement of these biomagnetic pairs was clinically defined by Dr. Isaac Goiz, MD, over the past twenty years. He has identified, by pathogenetic codes, more than 250 biomagnetic pairs that correspond to the majority of diseases and dysfunctions. The coupled magnetic placement areas have been found to be energetically connected and have a bi-focal relation, and placement of one positive polarity (indicated by red on the magnet face) and one negative polarity (indicated by black on the magnet face) magnet on the body for approximately 15 – 20 minutes is capable of reestablishing the acidic-alkaline balance. Complex conditions may require multiple pairs to improve pH balance. More on the relational pairing of magnets for specific diseases and dysfunctions, one can be read “Bioenergetic Basics: The Art of Dynamic Wellness with Goiz Biomagnetic Pairs“.

It’s an absolute success. It’s just one of the most efficient therapies that I’ve encountered in all the years I’ve practiced Medicine. The most surprising is it’s simplicity. And a big advantage is that it has no side effects.”

Dr. Hilu from the Hilu Institute in Marbella, Spain
  • Dr. Goiz, the founder of Biomagnetism, has claimed to have successfully treated more than 350,000 patients with the therapy and has trained more than 20,000 physicians and other health professionals from many different countries.
  • According to a recent study, “It is common to find patients diagnosed with URI while they are undergoing all kinds of medical treatments, it is however very important to detect these infections in their early stages and treat them accordingly. We provide this report to show the importance and benefits of providing Biomagnetism therapy in these cases to shorten the treatment length and avoid unfavorable results. This will not only benefit the patient, reduce costs but also help avoid adverse effects. This clinical case will help research development of this new medical science, since it allows us to find an endless number of similar pathogens and/or specific ones, while providing great results and favorable outcomes.
    source: Treating Urinary Tract Infections with Biomagnetism
  • This therapy is risk-free and should only be used with precaution in the case of patients with pacemakers (to not wear down the battery), pregnant women and patients who have undergone chemotherapy in the past 12 months. It is best to use magnets under the guidance of a trained professional for best results. Biomagnetic therapy can be used in conjunction with any other kind of complementary therapy and traditional allopathic treatments.