Through the acknowledgement that no two patients are the same – from personalities and environmental factors to genes and DNA – we understand that there are a multitude of components and influences that constitute a healthy human being, and conversely, a diseased one. Logically, without addressing these distinguishing qualities in each individual and creating a unique and complete program of treatment for everyone, the degree to which healing can occur is quite limited. That’s precisely why we apply Onnetsu therapy in a different manner.

Although biomagnetic therapy can be an effective standalone therapy, we believe in a comprehensive and personalized way of restoring health. The Innovative Medicine approach aims to combine the most effective treatments and medicines from the complete medical spectrum and tailor administration to each individual patient. In this manner, our approach takes into account compatibility, frequency, and duration are completely customized to each individual, rather than use of biomagnetic therapy based on solely diagnosis and generalized protocols.

Viewing this complete medical spectrum (see right) and where biomagnetic therapy falls in the spectrum, we see that the procedure is an alternative therapy. To put this into simpler terms, think of a philharmonic orchestra. Spanning some 20-40 different instruments (medical treatments), an orchestra utilizes a comprehensive approach that is skillfully organized by a conductor (doctor), all through the use of a full score (medical system like Bioresonance Analysis of Health). While any one instrument (treatment) is capable of playing music on its own, it is the combined and carefully guided approach that allows for a beautiful symphony to be realized (AKA healing).

Biomagnetic Therapy Applied

While there may be a number of medical offices worldwide that utilize biomagnetic therapy, very few, if any, offer all the Innovative Medicine solutions as part of a comprehensive and fully personalized program of treatment. At our affiliated medical center, the New York Center for Innovative Medicine (NYCIM), that’s precisely what is provided. This world-renowned center has completely redesigned the healing process, personalizing each patient’s protocol to see if biomagnetic therapy is compatible with the patient, as well as all other Innovative Medicine solutions. Not only is NYCIM able to construct specific, prioritized and tailored programs of treatment, they can maximize efficiency and results while minimizing side-effects by providing this full array of vetted therapeutic options from around the world and combining a number of specialties.